The Jury RON

The Jury RON (Reklamombudsmannens opinionsnämnd) reviews advertisements when there are no precedent cases or if a case is complex.

The Jury RON

The jury rewiews advertisements when there are no precedent cases or if a case is complex.

The Jury consist of a chairperson and a vice chairperson, who are lawyers, as well as 20 members. They represent the marketing industry; advertisers, media, advertisment creators, as well as consumer interests. Academics with specialist knowledge in marketing communication are also among the jury members. The members are appointed by the board of directors.

Chair of the board

  • Kajsa Bergkvist, former judge of appeal, Svea hovrätt

Vice chair of the board

  • Mikael Pauli, associate judge of appeal, Svea hovrätt, deputy, Regeringskansliet



  • Peter Cederholm, Digital Strategist, IUM
  • Olivia Enquist, Marketing Manager Europe, The Coca-Cola Company
  • Tobias Eidem, Principal Manager, Autopista
  • Hanna Hjalmarson, Associate Professor, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University
  • Christin Holm Gatica, Communications Officer, Sveriges Konsumenter
  • Christina Knight, Executive Creative Director, The Amazing Society 
  • Anna Lidström, Head of Dustainability, Spendrups
  • Patrik Löfberg, Marketing Director Sweden, Nissan Nordic Europe
  • Christina Nylander, Lawyer, Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer (KOMM)
  • Marielle Pantzar, Head of Marketing, Odd Molly/Hunkydory
  • Maris Sedlenieks, Sveriges Konsumenter
  • Göran Segeholm, Photographer/Teacher, Fotografiska Academy
  • Linda Sjö, Lawyer, Zound Industries
  • Inger Skalse, Regulatory Affairs, TV4 Media
  • Axel Tandberg, Lawyer, LW Advisory 
  • Elias Vieglins, PR Manager, Adlibris
  • Canan Yasar, Creative Director, Obeya