Summary of the year 2017

RO and RON announced 230 decisions during the year. The percentage of decisions where the complaint was upheld is 50 %. The previous year the percentage was 49 %.

The percentage of complaints has increased by 15 % compared to previous year, and the percentage of decisions has increased by 6 %. But the number of complaints regarding gender discriminating advertising has decreased by 17 %.

A trial basis that has increased significantly is ad identification, specifically complaints against influencers content on social media. During the year RO received 46 complaints regarding this, compared to 20 complaints the previous year.


Number of complaints and cases

During the year RO received 588 complaints, which resulted in 279 cases. In each case a decision is made. Several complaints can lead to one case, if the complainants complain about the same advertising. Complaints can be upheld, not upheld or rejected. All decisions are published on the website

Out of the 230 decisions made by RO and RON during the year, the complaint was upheld in 116 decisions, not upheld in 107 decisions and in seven decisions the complaints where rejected.


Rejected cases

During the year 47 cases lead to the complaints being rejected. A complaint can be rejected if the complaint for example is not about commercial advertising, the advertising is not mainly aimed at the Swedish market or if the complaint is insufficient.


The most common trial basis

Gender discriminating is the most common basis for complaints with 37 % of decisions (86 decisions). Misleading advertising is the second most common basis for complaints with 23 % of decisions (54 decisions) and 18 % of decisions are about ad identification (41 decisions).

However, the number of complaints regarding gender discriminating advertising has decreased by 17 % compared to previous year. In 2017 RO received 134 complaints regarding gender discriminating advertising. The previous year the number was 162 complaints.


Ads most complained about

Ad campaign for the food product Mifú 66 complaints, upheld.
Advertisement for a jacket from the store Thernlunds 11 complaints, upheld.
Commercials for Pricerunner 8 complaints, upheld.