A well-functioning self-regulation will raise the ethical standards in the field of advertising, and with it, the trust in advertisers increases among consumers. For self-regulation to serve its purpose all parties are required to take responsibility for their messages, and make sure they abide by the standards as drawn up by the advertising community. Reklamombudsmannen (RO) sets the Swedish norms and benchmarks for advertising directed at Swedish market, ensuing the consolidated International Chamber of Commerce Marketing Code. It gives private persons, companies and organisations the possibility to have publications, ads and announcements examined and reviewed accordingly.

RO is financed by advertisers, ad-producers, advertising agencies, and different media, through a voluntary annual fee. Around 400 companies are financiers today. When financially contributing to the functions provided by the RO, you and your establishment show you are willing to do your part to a well-functioning self-regulated advertising market. You will also have a competitive edge to your market competitors when social values and strong standpoints are in high demand.

As financier you receive:

  • access to annual workshops in Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmoe twice a year.
  • offer of tailored seminars of different decisions from RO, where RO will come to you.
  • possibility to attend special seminars on current topics id the ad field.
  • copy advice when needed, where RO provides guidance before launching specific material and/or advertisements.
  • user rights to the signet of Ethical Advertising, by Reklamombudsmannen, to be used on your website and/or in your marketing.
  • our six-times-a-year newsletter.

Reklamombudsmannen is a foundation, initiated by The Association of Swedish Advertisers and Näringslivets delegation för marknadsrätt in 2009, and corresponding self-regulatory systems exist whitin in the European Union and other parts of the world. Within the EU the self-regulatory systems are coordinated through the umbrella organization European Advertising Standards Alliance (EASA), which is situated in Brussels, Belgium.

RO also has regular communications with the Swedish government and parliament, as well as other government agencies, to follow up on Swedish legislature.

Interested in more information? Please contact us via e-mail [email protected] or telephone +46 (0)8 662 05 50.

Please direct questions about financing to Lennart Pöppel via e-mail or telephone +46  (0)73 330 77 61.

Sample of financiers


Contribute to a high ethical standard

All companies can contribute to RO and the fee is related to the annual media spending, according to Kantar SIFO's advertising measurements. Minimum fee is 10.000 SEK and the maximum fee is 70.000 SEK per year.