The Jury RON

The jury rewiews advertisements when a similar ad has never been rewiewed or if it is a complicated case.

The Jury consist of a chairperson and a vice chairperson, who are always lawyers, as well as circa 20 members. They represent different actors of the marketing industry; advertisers, media, advertisment creators, as well as consumer interests. Academics with specialist knowledge in marketing communication are also among the jury members. The members are appointed by the board of directors.


  • Marianne Åbyhammar, former judge of appeal, Svea hovrätt


Vice chairperson

  • Mikael Pauli, associate judge of appeal, Svea hovrätt, deputy, Regeringskansliet



  • Peter Cederholm, digital strategist, IUM
  • Anna Edman, lawyer, Unilever
  • Harriet Gillberg, board member, Sveriges Konsumenter
  • Sara Haraldsson, founder, Maktsalongen
  • Hanna Hjalmarson, associate professor, Stockholm Business School, Stockholm University
  • Christina Knight, creative director, UKnight
  • Patrik Löfberg, marketing director, Nissan Europe
  • Christina Nylander, lawyer, Sveriges Kommunikationsbyråer
  • Marielle Pantzar, head of marketing, Odd Molly
  • Göran Segeholm, photographer/teacher, Fotografiska Academy
  • Inger Skalse, regulatory affairs, TV4
  • Frida Stjernholm, equality expert, Add Gender
  • Axel Tandberg, lawyer, Tandberg & Partners
  • Canan Yasar, creative director, Obeya
  • Olivia Enquist, marketing director, Coca-Cola
  • Tobias Eidem, head of business development , Dimension 46
  • Anna Lidström, head of sustainability, Spendrups