Yearly statistics



Summary of the year

2015 was the first year in RO´s history when the number of upheld cases (94) exceeds the number of not upheld cases (83). The upheld cases therefore amounts to 53 %, compared with 46 % last year. The umber of complaints decreased by 13 % compared with the previous year. The number of cases has declined by 19 %.


Complaints and cases

2015 RO received 586 complaints that resulted in 250 cases. Multiple complaints can be in the same case. Each case leads to a decision. All upheld and not upheld decisions are published on the website, as well as some rejections (where the case is not within remit).


Upheld and not upheld

RO and the Jury, RON, delivered 181 decisions during 2015. 83 cases where not upheld (47 %) and 94 (53 %) where upheld.


Rejected and not within remit

During the year 51 cases were rejected. Cases are rejected because the issue complained about is not commercial advertising, it is about the product itself or to the complainant chose not to proceed with the case.


Most complained about ads

Calvin Klein billboards. 16 complaints, upheld. radio advertisment. 12 complaints, upheld.

Vinnarum direct marketing. 6 complaints, upheld.

Vinnarum tv commercial. 6 complaint, not upheld.